How to operate the car tire balancing machine?

How to operate the car tire balancing machine?
Update Time:2018-09-27

How to use the DRC car tire balancer:

1. Fill the tires to the appropriate air pressure, remove the lead block on the rim, remove the stones from the tire groove, and clean the rim;

2. Install the balance shaft with the tire mounting surface facing up, select the appropriate vertebral body, and lock the tire with the locking device. (The vertebral body must be

Align the center hole. Otherwise the data may not be accurate)

3. Turn on the power of the balancing machine, pull out the ruler to measure the distance between the rim and the balancing machine, the width of the rim, the diameter of the rim, and in turn

Enter the measured data;

4, press the start button, the balance machine starts to rotate the tire, the measurement begins, be careful not to stand near the tire, so as not to happen


5. The balance machine detects that the data is automatically stopped;

6. Rotate the tire to the side of the balancer. The position light is fully illuminated (different models display differently). The rim on the full bright side is the most

The high point is the position of 12 o'clock and the corresponding number of lead blocks are knocked in, and the other side is also the same;

7. Repeat step 4 until the balancer shows 0 (5 grams or less, because there is no lead below 5 grams, the balance machine does not show the imbalance below 5 grams);

8. At the end of the dynamic balance, remove the tires.