What is DRC Machinery Vertical slotting machine Feature?

What is DRC Machinery Vertical slotting machine Feature?
Update Time:2018-10-23


DRC Machinery Vertical slotting machine Main features:
1.    This machine is used for slotting the flat and formed surface keyways, etc.
2.    It is suitable for either single piece of small batch production
3.    The main transmission mechanism is used for converting the rotating motion of the crank gear into reciprocating motion of rain
4.    The worktable Is designed for longitudinal, cross and rotary feeding both automatically (only for D type model) and manually
5.    The feed is stopped automatically, when the worktable is in case of trouble
DRC Machinery Vertical slotting machine Features:
1. This machine tool is used process planes, surfaces, key seating, etc, and it is suitable for the single-piece or small-batch production workshop.
2. The main transmission mechanism is to transmit the throw-over motion of the rocker arm into the to-and-fro motion of the ram the operating plant form can move vertically and horizontally and revolve it is able to achieve automatic feed and hand operating feed Also it can move fast in case of breakdown, the platform will automatically stop feeding and achieve limit safety.
3. When the machine tool is started, stop using electromagnetic clutch so as to achieve concentration operation of the machine tool.
4. This machine is carefully designed and it is characteristic of standardization, generalization, serialization, high degree automation, also it is of reasonable distribution, compact structure, well-balanced proportion, good outer looks and convenient maintenance.
5. The lubrication of the machine tool is brought by the oil pump, and lubrication oil is transmitted to various points by the oil-transmitting rubes with convenient adjustment.
6. The electric equipment of the machine tool is fixed in the bed at the back part of the lower bed it is safe and reliable because there are concentrated push buttons in the upper bed.
7. As for other power source conditions raised by the customer. Special orders of goods supply can be affected through negotiation.

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