Advantages Of DRC Machinery CNC Lathe?

Advantages Of DRC Machinery CNC Lathe?
Update Time:2019-01-09


1. Improve production efficiency

DRC Machinery CNC lathes can effectively improve the efficiency because of some unnecessary production process canceled, in the complex machining of turning and milling can do a card can complete most of the work of processing, so you can achieve the purpose of shortening the product manufacturing process chain.

It can not only save the time of production assistance caused by the change of loading card, but also save the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of jig and fixture, thus significantly improving the production efficiency.

2. Improve machining accuracy

The improvement of precision is mainly achieved through the reduction of loading times. The traditional lathe, due to the existence of positioning datum transformation, will lead to the accumulation of errors if it is used for a long time.Also now the DRC Machinery type CNC lathe has the function of online detection for some key data can be realized in the process of work in online detection and control precision, this aspect also can effectively improve the product processing precision, standard today DRC Machinery type CNC lathe precision control in 2018 had a greater degree of ascension.

3. Reduce production costs

DRC Machinery type CNC lathe more small size, so need in the workshop area is less than conventional lathe, and although the price of a single equipment will be high, but it can achieve a shorter time in the manufacturing process chain, at the time of production parts need more less equipment, at the same time combined with fixture number and because the more devices have reduced maintenance costs, all of these factors can effectively reduce the overall fixed asset investment, working in the equipment operation and management cost can be further reduced.

4. Long service life

Because the DRC Machinery CNC lathe with higher precision and performance can ensure a longer service life, the need to pay attention to the point is to increase the use of the machine time, but also for the correct use and maintenance.This can effectively prevent abnormal wear and tear, to avoid sudden failure.