What are the methods for repairing wheels with wheel repair lathes?

What are the methods for repairing wheels with wheel repair lathes?
Update Time:2019-01-30

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What are the methods for repairing wheels with wheel repair lathes?

The surface of the hub has been refurbished. If the shape of the hub can only be repaired and the surface of the hub cannot be refurbished, the repair of the hub will also lose its meaning. The surface of automotive aluminum alloy wheels can be divided into five categories, namely: painted surface, polished surface, CNC (CNC) drawing surface, imitation plating surface and plating surface. While focusing on the introduction of automotive aluminum alloy wheel repair equipment, DRC Machinery Automobile Wheel Repair Lathe. is also actively introducing aluminum alloy wheel surface refurbishment technology and materials. In addition to renovating the common paint wheel surface, it also introduces special imitation plating paint. , greatly meet the requirements of different customers' personalized wheel surface refurbishment. With independent electroplating production line and technical personnel, it can perfectly solve the surface of the wheel surface after repairing and upgrading the plated surface. Whether it is in appearance, the hardness can meet the quality requirements, so that the special treatment process of the wheel surface in the past, such as: The brushed surface of the CNC, the scratching of the plating surface, scratches, etc. cannot be repaired and become history.

Paint wheel repair

Painted wheel hub is a common wheel surface process, that is, the dusting technology is used for bottoming, and the paint is subjected to high temperature baking. The repaired wheel hub is durable and does not exhibit paint stripping.

Brushed wheel repair

The surface of the wire drawing hub is very dynamic, but the refurbishment of such wheels has strict requirements on the process. It is equipped with professional wire drawing machine equipment and large steam hot air drying paint equipment. It is repaired according to the original process of the wheel hub, quality assurance, safety and reliability, so that the repaired rear wheel hub can reach the original factory standard.

Polished wheel repair

The surface of the polished wheel has a natural metallic texture, a bright luster, a smooth and clean appearance, and a strong visual aesthetic, but the refurbished polished wheel requires special craftsmanship and skill.

Imitation plating wheel repair

The imitation plating wheel not only has the nobleness of the electroplating wheel, but also the dynamic feeling of the drawing hub, but the construction process is complicated, the durability is strong, and the safety factor is high.

Wheel plating repair

The electroplated wheel has a mirror-like bright appearance, dazzling appearance, noble chrome gloss and good corrosion resistance, but the refurbished wheel needs professional plating equipment, vacuum machine and technician. Strictly in accordance with the original process of electroplating hubs, the wheeled hub is not only beautiful in appearance, but also greatly improved in corrosion resistance.

Wheel change to electroplating two-color

The wheel is changed to electroplating with two colors, the color is round and transparent, and the jade of the wheel hub is the charm of his.

Wheel plating color change

The color change of the hub plating is a process of combining the color change of the hub and the plating of the wheel. The color change of the wheel hub can not only achieve the color that the customer wants, but also satisfy the customer's demand for the bright feeling of the surface of the plated wheel.

New method for repairing plated wheels

New methods for repairing plated wheels Many owners want to change the wheel into a plated wheel, but this desire cannot be achieved due to the following three factors.

1. Because the wheel hub is deformed, the electroplating factory cannot repair and loses the meaning of electroplating.

2. The hub is corroded or scratched seriously. The electroplating factory does not accept orders because of the lack of technical means such as aluminum alloy welding. Even if it is barely done, it is difficult to make satisfactory results.

3. Because of the long production cycle, the electroplating factory usually takes at least one week for each wheel. The modern society makes it difficult for the owner to drive for a week. Many owners can only give up.