What is the turning machining center?

What is the turning machining center?
Update Time:2019-02-13

What is the turning ?

The turning machining center can process various rotary surfaces, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, threads, grooves, end faces and forming surfaces. The machining accuracy can reach IT8-IT7, and the surface roughness Ra value is 1.6~0.8. To machine a single axis part.

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Such as straight shafts and general discs, sets of parts and so on. Multi-axis parts (such as crankshafts, eccentrics, etc.) or disc cams can also be machined if the position of the workpiece is changed or the lathe is properly modified. In the single-piece small batch production, various shafts, discs, sleeves and other parts are often processed with a wide-format horizontal lathe or CNC lathe; large parts with large diameter and short length (length to diameter ratio of 0.3~0.8) are used. Vertical lathe processing.

Process characteristics

1. It is easy to ensure the positional accuracy of each working surface of the workpiece

a For example, it is easy to ensure the coaxiality requirement. The workpiece is mounted by the chuck. The rotary axis is the rotary axis of the lathe spindle. The workpiece is mounted on the front and rear ends. The rotary axis is the center connection of the two top points.

b It is easy to ensure that the perpendicularity of the end face and the axis is required by the cross slide guide rail and the perpendicularity of the rotary axis of the workpiece

2, the cutting process is relatively stable to avoid the inertial force and impact force, allowing the use of larger cutting amount, high-speed cutting, which is conducive to productivity.

3. Suitable for finishing of non-ferrous metal parts When the surface roughness of the non-ferrous metal parts is large and the Ra value is small, it is not suitable to use grinding, and it is necessary to use turning or milling. When using a diamond turning tool for a fine car, it can achieve higher quality.

4, the tool is simple Car cutter manufacturing, sharpening and installation are more convenient.

Central parameter

Chuck size: 254mm

Maximum turning diameter: 406mm

Maximum turning length (without clamp): 660mm

Standard bar capacity: 76mm

Folding spindle

Maximum speed: 4800pm

Maximum motor power: 22.4KW

Maximum torque:

Maximum torque (with gearbox option)

Spindle nose: A2-6

Spindle hole: ф88.9mm

Folding diameter

Maximum turning diameter of the bed: 806mm

Maximum turning diameter on the skateboard: 527mm

Maximum turning diameter on the tailstock: 584mm

Folding strokes and feeds

X axis: 318mm

Z axis: 660mm

X-axis maximum thrust: 18238N

Z-axis maximum thrust: 18015N

X-axis rapid traverse speed: 24.0m/min

Z-axis rapid traverse speed: 30.5m/min

Standard configuration

10" hydraulic chuck system

A2-6 spindle nose

3.0" bar capacity

15" color LCD display

Built-in USB interface

1MB of memory

Rigid tapping

Humanized Haas control system

ISO standard G-code programming

made in America

Option part

Programmable hydraulic tailstock

C axis / power knife

300psi high pressure cooling system

1000psi high pressure cooling system

Automatic tool setting system

Crawler chip conveyor

Spindle positioning

Servo automatic door

Ethernet interface

Remote control handwheel (with color LCD)

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