Introduction and maintenance method of slant bed CNC lathe

Introduction and maintenance method of slant bed CNC lathe
Update Time:2019-02-14

Introduction and maintenance method of slant bed CNC lathe

The slant bed CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tool. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine tool has a wide range of processing performance, can process linear cylinders, diagonal cylinders, arcs and various complex workpieces such as threads, slots, worms, with linear interpolation, arc Interpolated various compensation functions and played a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.

The maintenance of the slant  bed CNC lathe is as follows:

In order to ensure the working accuracy of the inclined bed CNC lathe and prolong the service life, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance work on the self-use slant bed CNC lathe. The quality of lathe maintenance directly affects the processing quality and production efficiency of the workpiece. When the lathe is running for 500 hours, a first-level maintenance is required. The maintenance work of the inclined bed CNC lathe is mainly carried out by the operator, and the maintenance worker cooperates. When servicing, the electric probe must be cut off first, and then maintained according to the maintenance contents and requirements.

SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, Bosch Rexroth, Balluff  Sauter.
Using high-quality components from Germany
Such as control systems, measuring systems, hydraulic systems, proximity switches and turret from:SIEMENS

1. High stability, solid cast iron frame, compact design -30 ° / 45 ° inclined bed
2. The self-developed spindle structure
3. with programmable hydraulic tailstock iHT 516 / iHT 521 processing space
4. Make-axis machining on a single power tool equipped iHT 1025
5. The integrated finished parts pick means
6. For iHT 1025, on the vertical rail-centering hydraulic steady rest
7. The tool measuring
8. Japan NACHI hydraulic system

Rich configuration

Electric turret, servo turret, power turret; high-power motors, high torque

Motor; large diameter hollow cylinder; chuck; drawer-type water tank; on the knife;

Oil mist separator and other options are available.

Excellent rigid structure:

Integrally molded low center of gravity casting bed, 30 ° saddle through optimized design,
It has a large shock damping and a smaller amount of deformation, the main axle box, turret
Providing high-rigidity structure basis.
30 ° slant bed design to facilitate the operator upper and lower parts, but also to ensure
Smooth chip evacuation.

Modernization of control systems:

iHT Series control system is equipped with the latest systems and flow FAUNC 0iTF
Row Siemens 828D system, 8.4-inch display, 10.4-inch display,
Rich configuration increases the slot and other options available to customers.

High cost performance

German descent i H T series has the best parts, like a knife tower
SAUTER, NSK bearings, etc. to ensure high-
precision parts, as well as appropriate
Should the price to have a high cost.

User-friendly design:
Not only minimum space requirements but also to meet the work area to the maximum extent
Processing conditions, all surrounded by human aesthetic design, stainless steel cover available for your safety
Full clean space, but also to guarantee the durability of the lathe.

Super cutting capacity

Powerful spindle box with heat sink design as one piece casting.Standard features rigid tapping without floating tap chuck to high Speed precision tapping. Programmed depth is more simple and tapping Precise, providing maximum productivity tapping operations.A dedicated high-performance V-belt drive spindle, so that maintenance becomes Easier, but also reduces the accuracy of the spindle motor generates heat Impact. Precision adjustment by pulley reduction ratio, so that the motor.The maximum speed and maximum spindle speed while achieving, thereby reducing.Full power output of the minimum speed and increasing torque, the motor charge
To fulfill their potential and achieve the maximum turning capability.