Daily maintenance and maintenance of boring and milling machine

Daily maintenance and maintenance of boring and milling machine
Update Time:2019-02-28

Daily maintenance and maintenance of boring and milling machine

Boring and milling machines are the main equipment for the processing of large box parts. Daily maintenance The main task of boring and milling machines is to pay attention to cleaning, lubrication and reasonable operation. Daily maintenance work is divided into the following three stages:

1. Before the work begins. Check whether the various parts of the machine tool are in good condition, and whether the positions of the handles are normal; clean all parts of the machine tool, observe the lubrication devices, directly lubricate the machine guide rail surface; start the low speed operation for a certain period of time.

2. In the course of work. The main operation is correct operation, the machine tool is not allowed to work overloaded, and the precision machine tool can not be used for rough machining. If any abnormality of the machine tool is found during the work, it should be stopped immediately.

3. After the work is over. Clean all parts of the machine, move the moving parts of the machine to the specified position, and turn off the power.

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The boring and milling machine generally stipulates that after a total operation of 800 hours, the operator should perform a primary maintenance, and the maintenance work must be performed after the power is cut off. Below, the Wanshou Hardware Machine Network uses the T68 horizontal boring machine as an example to illustrate the contents and requirements of the level maintenance of the boring machine.

1. Maintenance of the spindle box and feed gearbox. Open the dust cover of the headstock and check the adjustment v-belt and the spindle clamp clamping lever. Clean each filter and oil tank; check the balance hammer wire rope fastening; scrub the rotary disc chute and adjust the strip.

2. Workbench and guide rail maintenance. Wipe all parts of the workbench, check the gap between the retaining iron and the strip; check if the rail is pulled, burr and scrub the rail.

3, external maintenance. Mainly remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the machine tool and keep the transmission parts clean. Wipe the surface of the machine and the cover, no rust and no yellow spots; scrub each exposed screw, light bar and rack; fill the handles, screws, nuts and other parts to keep the machine appearance clean.

4, electrical part maintenance. Clean the electrical box and motor. Check the location of the electrical equipment to ensure that the electrical equipment is fixed, safe and tidy.

5, rear column maintenance. After scrubbing the bearing housing and guide surface, check the adjustment strip clearance.

6, lubrication system maintenance. Clean the linoleum and oil sump to keep the oil hole and oil passage unblocked. Clean the cooling pump, filter and cooling box. Clean the filter to ensure that the oil cup is complete and keep the oil standard oil window bright.