Are you in desperate need of a small and medium-sized hard-track cutting center?

Are you in desperate need of a small and medium-sized hard-track cutting center?
Update Time:2019-03-01

Are you in desperate need of a small and medium-sized hard-track cutting center?

Are you in desperate need of a small and medium-sized hard-track cutting center?

The machine tool industry has experienced a surge in market demand for two consecutive years, although market demand has slowed down. However, with the change in demand for technological innovations in field processing materials, the market is picking up demand for small and medium-sized hard-track cutting centers. In the northeast of the modern mountain, a machine tool also rides the wind and waves, launching a new generation of economical hard-track cutting center to further meet the actual needs of the market.

Small cutting center

As a new model that upgrades the original organic 7124, the XK7124 combines many of the excellent features of the 7124 to further enhance the overall features of the device:

1) Enhanced heavy cutting processing capability

2) Further improve the sealing effect

3) Improve the end teeth and improve the stability of equipment operation

Factory Small CNC Vertical Machining Center DRC655

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Product Description
Tool magazineBT40-16 Bucket magazine
ScrewX:40X12-P3   L=1033
Y:40X12-P3   L=898
Z:40X12-P3   L=964
guideX:HGW45CB2R1370ZBPⅡ+LF-78  E1=E2=55
Y:HGW45CB2R1005ZBPⅡ+LF-78  E1=E2=30
Z:HGW45CB2R1019ZBPⅡ+LF-78  E1=E2=37
Knife cylinder3.5T
Electronic pump1.2L
Water pumpAB-25,90W
Spindle hole taperBT40
Spindle speed80-12000rpm
Spindle motor5.5/7.5KW
working desk size800X450mm
Triaxial travel (X/Y/Z)600/550/550mm
X, Y fast moving speed24m/min
Z axis fast moving speed10m/min
Spindle center to column guide surface distance485mm
Spindle end to table distance130-550mm
Cutting feed rate1-5000mm/min
Workbench load bearing500kg
Workbench T-slot (groove number / width / spacing)3/18/125mm
X/Y/Z positioning accuracy0.012/0.01/0.01mm
X/Y/Z repeat positioning accuracy0.008/0.006/0.006mm
Maximum tool diameter80/ 130
Maximum length of tool300mm
Tool weight6kg
Use air pressure0.6MPa
Machine weight4200kg
Overall dimensions2321×2110×1892mm
Overall package dimensions2500X2300X2700mm

DRC Machinery CNC Vertical Machining Center Product Introduction and Use
This product X, Y, Z three-axis servo direct control semi-closed vertical machining center, three-axis linear ball guide, guide rail load, span wide, high precision, suitable for heavy load, compact structure and size reasonable, the spindle is servo motor driven by the timing belt. It can realize the clamping of various parts such as discs, boards, housings, cams, and molds at one time. It can be used for drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping, etc. The production of medium and small batch products can satisfy the processing of complex and high-precision parts. The fourth rotary shaft can be equipped to meet the processing requirements of special parts.

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