How does the cnc machining center accurately calculate the time point of the tool change?

How does the cnc machining center accurately calculate the time point of the tool change?
Update Time:2019-03-01
How does the cnc machining center accurately calculate the time point of the tool change?

In the past production process, the tool length of the cnc machining center is generally measured in terms of the number of processing. For example, a certain brand of taps claims that it can process 10,000 threaded holes on the 6061 aluminum alloy and M6*1 depth of 15 mm. But is the value here really useful to you?

The cone is usually in a single workpiece. Even if it is 10,000 threaded holes, the entire machining process (drilling the center hole, drilling the bottom hole, tapping) will not take a long time (generally less than 12). Hour), and carefully check the quality of the bottom hole before tapping, the quality of the cutting fluid can also guarantee excellent conditions.
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In practice, 10,000 threads may be distributed on 1000 workpieces. It may take 40 minutes for a single operation of the workpiece (including milling, drilling, reaming, boring, etc.), and the processing of the 10,000 threaded holes requires approximately 666.7. Hours (about 27.7 days), during which time the cutting fluid will be severely degraded due to the quality of many of the impurities after cutting.
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This is very different from the situation of testing time. In the practice of cnc machining center processing: center drill wear, bit wear, bit cracking, cnc machining center cutting fluid quality decline and many other factors that are unfortunate for this thread processing, these uncertain elements will make the tap unable to reach the test time Value.
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Suppose these values ​​don't make much sense to me. What better way can I do? The following may be considered as a different method: the tapping of the tap is due to the excessive torque value of the machining time, which exceeds the maximum torque value that the tap can withstand, so that the crack is formed. Therefore, monitoring the value of the torque during machining means checking the condition of the tool.

For example, a drill with a diameter of 5 mm is excellent in machining at 10Nm-20Nm through several consecutive measurements. The quality of the machined hole is unqualified when the time exceeds 22Nm. The torque value of several drill bit cracking is 45Nm, 49Nm, 50Nm. 43Nm, 40Nm.

How does the cnc machining center machine automatically monitor these vital torques? In the previous CNC system, the torque value flashed as the spindle load, and the torque plan was marked with a percentage (%). Only one maximum torque value was set. When the override is over, the alarm report will be announced: the spindle exceeds the load plan!
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The load of the spindle can be flashed not only by the torque value, but also by the torque planning of the tool in the cnc machining center tool magazine.

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For example, a drill with a diameter of 5 mm above:
Less than 1Nm (warning, indicating that the tool is now broken and suspending the program);
More than 1Nm and less than 20Nm (no prompt, the program works as usual);
Less than 22Nm and greater than 20Nm (prompt, the instructions for continuing to replace the tool are continued);
Greater than 22Nm (warning, indicating that the tool is in a dangerous situation, any program that uses this tool will automatically interrupt when using this tool);
Note: The features of each cnc machining center tool can be customized.
Not only drills and taps, but all cutting things can be used!
This function can greatly improve processing safety
About cnc machining centers processing small batches or single-piece companies
Will significantly reduce the cost of production
I hope you can use this function early!
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