Production cnc machining center management technology

Production cnc machining center management technology
Update Time:2019-03-12
Production machining  center management technology
The use of a cnc machining center is a complex technical project of a certain scale. It involves a series of work such as production management, technical management, and talent training. All work should be carried out in accordance with certain principles. This principle is a guarantee system that gives full play to the benefits of the machining center. Therefore, the emphasis on the use of technology is one aspect, and the importance of management technology is another essential.
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Processing centers have been used as high-efficiency automation equipment in various production plants in China as key equipment. But in terms of equipment management, it is uneven. In the management of the machining center, it is necessary to promote the production characteristics of the machining center and the production tempo of all the links it needs to cooperate. The management method of ordinary machine tools cannot be moved to CNC machine tools. The following points should be noted in management:

1. Give full play to the full functions of the machine tool. When the machine tool is put into use, in order to give full play to all the functions of the machine tool, you should carefully read the instruction manual and deeply understand the various functions and capabilities of the machine tool. According to the nature of the processed parts of the factory, the processing objects and processes are arranged reasonably, and the corresponding matching parts and accessories are selected. Prepare spare parts for consumables.

2. Set up the CNC department, concentrate the CNC machine tools in a special department, and prepare the process technology and production management by the technical department of the factory. The production workshop has a dedicated technical staff. Avoid a single CNC machine tool scattered in various workshops, only processing a small number of key parts, resulting in a lot of production time idle. Set up a special section to facilitate maintenance management.

3. Reasonably arrange production cycle and technical preparation cycle. When scheduling production tasks to the machining center, the process documents, processing procedures, and tool cards of the process department should be prepared and sent to the processing position. In order to avoid operator downtime to find tools, modify the program, assemble the fixture and cause long downtime.

4. Choose the appropriate rules and regulations, such as CNC machine tool management system, safety operation procedures, CNC machine tool usage regulations, CNC machine tool maintenance, inspection system, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to provide timely feedback to the manufacturing and design departments.

5. Emphasis on the construction of technical team For a complex equipment including a variety of technical achievements, a well-trained technical team, including process, operation, mechanical and electrical maintenance, etc., must be fully mastered. The training of personnel must have a process, leadership management. The department of equipment must have a comprehensive understanding of this.