What is the main processing object of the machining center?

What is the main processing object of the machining center?
Update Time:2019-03-13
What is the main processing object of the machining center?

The machining center is developed from CNC milling machine. The biggest difference from CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the function of automatically exchanging machining tools. By installing different tools on the tool magazine, it can be changed by automatic tool changer in one clamping. Machining tools on the spindle for a variety of machining functions. The machining center is suitable for parts with complex shapes, many processes and high precision requirements, which require multiple types of ordinary machine tools to be processed after multiple installations. The main processing objects are: box parts, complex surface parts, shaped parts, plates, sets, and disc parts.
1. Box-type parts refer to parts with more than one hole system and more cavity parts. These parts are more in the machinery, automobile, aircraft and other industries, such as the engine block of the car, the gearbox body, and the machine tool. Bed head box, headstock box, diesel engine block, gear pump housing, etc.

Box parts
2, complex surface parts in the aerospace, automotive, marine, defense and other fields of products, such as impellers, propellers, various curved molding molds.

Complex surface parts
3, special-shaped parts refer to irregular-shaped parts, most of which require point, line, and multi-station mixing processing, such as brackets, pedestals, prototypes, and models.

Shaped piece
4. Plate, sleeve, and disc parts refer to disc sleeves or shaft parts with key grooves, radial holes or end faces with distributed holes and curved surfaces, and plate parts with more porous processing. The end face has distributed pores, the curved surface parts should use vertical machining center, and the radial hole parts can use horizontal machining center.
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