What kind of machine tool is a good machine tool?

What kind of machine tool is a good machine tool?
Update Time:2019-03-18
What kind of machine tool is a good machine tool?

We believe that the definition of a good machine tool is this: a machine tool that can recover the investment in a short period of time is a good machine tool.
The design life of CNC machine tools is generally 7 years, mainly based on the service life of CNC. The proportional relationship between spending money and earning money will directly affect your business, so careful analysis of functions for selection is a necessary condition for effective investment. .

How to do the above requirements from the mechanical, light, rigid and contradictory, the key lies in the mechanical structure.
1. The bed body adopts a mesh structure with high and low ribs, and some directly adopt the hexagonal mesh structure of the honeycomb.
2, ultra-wide columns and beams, we know that the gantry-type structure has been the preferred structure by high-speed cutting equipment manufacturers due to its excellent symmetry and excellent rigidity.
3. The difference between the moving part and the numerical control milling is that the distance between the guide rail and the guide rail is widened to overcome the problem of bad torque.
4. In terms of materials, it is generally used in Mehana cast iron, which is to inoculate cast iron. When casting molten iron, a certain proportion of silicon (Si) is added to change the internal structure of iron, making it more resistant to stamping and significantly improving rigidity. .
5. The rigidity of the machine tool is mainly used to overcome the strong impact of the moving part on the non-moving part when moving at high speed, so the guide rail and the screw rod are required to be thicker, and the rigidity of the connecting part is strengthened.

Another problem is
The problem of the spindle is that the CNC milling machine and the machining center require a low speed and large torque. Therefore, the reduction ratio of the spindle gearbox is required to increase the torque. The low speed and the poor precision are inevitable, so it is unlikely that a small radius tool will be used. For the engraving and milling machine, the spindle must work at 20,000 to 30,000 RPM, and the rotation accuracy is generally about 2 μ. Otherwise, the broken knife phenomenon is very serious, so the electric spindle must be used, that is, the motor and the main shaft are integrated. For high-speed cutting equipment, the built-in electric spindle is required, and at a low speed, a certain torque is required to have a water-cooling machine to keep the spindle operating temperature constant. The spindle power should be above 7.5~8KW, and the speed should exceed 25000R.

In short, in general, buying machine tools must be more than looking, especially for CNC. The machine tools of our Witten CNC machine tool factory are cost-effective and can be considered.