CNC milling machine features

CNC milling machine features
Update Time:2019-03-18
CNC milling machine features

The CNC milling machine can continuously complete the milling, drilling, boring, reaming and other processes after the workpiece is clamped once, and is suitable for the processing of complex parts such as plate parts, disk shells and molds.

CNC milling machine

The automatic tool changer with random tool change has simple structure and reliable tool change. The whole device is installed on the column, which does not affect the movement accuracy of the spindle box. The random tool change has numerical control system management.

The mechatronics CNC milling machine adopts the electromechanical integration structure. The control cabinet, numerical control cabinet and pneumatic device are installed on the column bed, which reduces the floor space and simplifies the handling and installation. The CNC milling machine control panel is placed in the left of the machine tool. Front, easy to operate.

The high number positioning is directly connected by the AC servo motor via the coupling hot ball screw pair, so that the XY axis can be moved at a high speed. Due to the high rigidity of the basic part of the CNC milling machine, the guide rail pair adopts the linear rolling guide pair, so that the high speed feed of the machine tool is The vibration is small, there is no creep when feeding at low speed, and it has high precision and stability.

The powerful cutting power is transmitted from the wide-speed speed-regulating spindle motor to the main shaft through the synchronous toothed belt. The spindle has a wide constant power range and a high torque at low speed. The main components of the CNC milling machine have high rigidity and can be used for powerful cutting. The power is cold, so the machine is running with low noise, low vibration and small thermal deformation.

Fully enclosed is a safety-protected CNC milling machine with a fully enclosed safety shield to ensure safe and adequate recovery of coolant and iron filings during processing.
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