CNC machining center safety operation specification

CNC machining center safety operation specification
Update Time:2019-04-04
CNC machining center safety operation specification

It is a very important standard system to regulate the operation of CNC machining centers, improve the efficiency of equipment use, avoid workpiece processing errors and various safety accidents. As a machining center operator, always keep in mind. The following explains the operation steps of the CNC machining center:
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 CNC machining center:
1. Turn on the main power supply, turn on the machine power, turn on the machine system switch, turn on the emergency stop button, and turn on the computer.
2. To receive the machining program list and the workpiece, it is necessary to clearly know the machining position, processing method and key parts of the part to clearly indicate the processing instructions.
3. Check if the plane of the workpiece to be machined is parallel and perpendicular.
4. Whether the workpiece movement stroke is enough.
5. Whether the workpiece direction corresponds to the working surface.
6. Correct the workpiece plane, horizontal and vertical directions to ensure the minimum error of the workpiece.
7. Lock the workpiece and check it after locking the workpiece to see if the workpiece changes during the locking process.
8. Whether the center position has a slope, if there is a slope, it must be divided into the same height.
9, the median must be flat and clean without burrs.
10. After the minute is divided, it must be reset and checked to reduce the error.
11. When loading the knife, you must clearly see the tool length of the program sheet to ensure that the tool is long enough. Be sure to blow the cutter head clean and check whether the tool is in good condition. If the tool wears out, replace it or repair it.
12. When placing the knife, pay attention to the knife at the same position to ensure that each knife is aligned.
13. Be careful not to touch the tip of the knife when setting the knife.
After the above preparations are completed, the workpiece can be processed normally.
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