Vertical milling machine spindle and milling head structure design

Vertical milling machine spindle and milling head structure design
Update Time:2019-04-22
Vertical milling machine spindle and milling head structure design

With the development of the manufacturing industry, high schedule, high efficiency, high precision and high rigidity have become important positions in the development of today's tools. In order to meet the needs of the tool shop in the future, milling machines have become an insufficiency stagnation trend in today's machinery, especially in the light industry, where there is no place in the processing.
The transmission form of the vertical milling head is also various. The main optical axis transmission of the vertical milling head adopts the roller gear transmission. The transmission content adopts the western-style transmission, and the main optical axis shifting system adopts the multi-sliding roller gear shifting. The cone drive has high transmission efficiency, compact structure, firm operation, long life, and correct transmission ratio. The roller structure is the most widely used transmission mechanism in ancient machinery, which is used to transmit space between two or more axes. Static and energy. The stagnation of the light industry has become more demanding for milling. High precision, high schedule, high efficiency, compound type, and intelligent type are important trends for stagnation in the future.

Compared with horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines have important differences:
1. Compared with the horizontal milling machine, the vertical milling machine has the opposite arrangement of the main optical axis. The main optical axis of the vertical milling machine is arranged vertically, and the main optical axis of the horizontal milling machine is arranged in parallel. 2. The vertical milling machine is different in scale from the horizontal milling machine. The vertical milling machine workbench can be used for high and low rise and fall, and the milling cutter for vertical milling machine is absolutely sensitive and has a wide practical scale. End mills, machine clamps, drill bits, etc. can be used. It can be used to mill keyways, mill stereos, borings, etc. Horizontal milling machines can also use the following types of cutting tools, but it is not as inconvenient as vertical milling. It is important to use the pylon to strengthen the cutting tools (importantly three-sided milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.). Can be milled, milled, cut, etc.
3, the vertical milling machine and the horizontal milling machine use the horizontal milling machine normally with a vertical milling head, although a vertical milling head performance and rigidity is not as strong as the vertical milling machine, but enough for the vertical milling processing. This makes the overall performance of the horizontal milling machine stronger than the vertical milling machine. Vertical milling machines do not have this feature, so that it is not necessary to process suitable workpieces for horizontal milling.
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