Vertical machining center tool change is a common thing but not a trivial matter

Vertical machining center tool change is a common thing but not a trivial matter
Update Time:2019-05-06
Vertical machining center tool change is a common thing but not a trivial matter
The vertical machining center solves most of the turning problems, and the functions of the vertical milling machine and the horizontal milling machine are attached, and the gear hobbing machine is also eliminated. It is for precision grinding all types of transmission worm, screw pump, and extrusion. Developed with machine screws and similar precision threads. The grinding machine has a very stable basic structure, so that high productivity can be achieved while achieving extremely high precision. In principle, the grinding machine is also suitable for pre-grinding the monolithic material (before heat treatment).
The block sequence number is represented by the address N. Generally, the numerical control device itself has a limited memory space. In order to save storage space, the program sequence number is omitted. N only indicates the block number, which makes it easy to find the editing program. It has no effect on the machining process. The sequence number can be incremented or decremented, and the value is not required to be continuous. However, it cannot be omitted when using some loop instructions, jump instructions, and calling subroutines and mirror instructions. In the same block, the same instruction (same address character) or the same group of instructions will appear after the action.
At the vertical machining center, tool change is inevitable. However, the machine tool has a fixed tool change point when it leaves the factory. It is not possible to change the tool position without changing the tool position. Before the tool change, the tool compensation and cycle must be canceled. The spindle stops and the coolant closes. There are many conditions. If you need to ensure these conditions before each manual tool change, it is not only error-prone but also inefficient. Therefore, we can program a tool change program to save the tool change in one time with the M98 call.
Precautions for vertical machining center clamping tools
1) It must be fastened and not too short in the handle.
2) Check the tool for each time before the tool is spliced. The length of the knives should be determined according to the machining depth indicated by the program. Generally, it should be slightly longer than the machining depth value of 2 mm and the shank should be considered.
3) If you encounter a deep processing depth, you can communicate with the programmer. If you want to use the knives twice, you should first obtain half the length of 2/3, and then wait longer when you process to a deeper position. This can improve processing efficiency.
4) When using the extension cord, you should especially know the depth of the lower knife and the required length of the knife.
5) Before the cutter head is installed on the machine, its taper matching position is cleaned with a cleaning cloth, and the corresponding position of the machine tool holder is also cleaned, avoiding the iron filings on the mating surface and affecting the machine tool.
6) Generally, the tool length is used for the tool length (in the case of the knife in special case), the program order should be checked carefully.
7) When the program is interrupted or re-paired, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the depth can be connected with the front. Under normal circumstances, the line can be adjusted upward by 0.1mm, and then adjusted according to the situation.
8) Rotating and removing the cutter head. If water-soluble cutting fluid is used, it should be immersed in lubricating oil for several hours every half month for maintenance, so that the internal parts of the cutter head can be lubricated without wear.
The above is the precautions for tool change in the vertical machining center. If you have more detailed information, please come and add!