Do you know how to easily purchase a vertical machining center?

Do you know how to easily purchase a vertical machining center?
Update Time:2019-05-06
Do you know how to easily purchase a vertical machining center?
The automatic tool changer of the vertical machining center consists of a tool magazine and a tool changer that store the tool. There are many types of tool magazines, and there are two types of discs and chains. The chain knife stocking tool has a large capacity. The tool change mechanism exchanges the tool between the machine tool spindle and the tool magazine. The common one is the robot. There is also a tool that does not have a robot and the spindle directly exchanges the tool with the tool magazine. In order to further shorten the non-cutting time, some vertical machining centers are equipped with two pallets for automatically exchanging workpieces. One is loaded with workpieces on the workbench and the other is loaded and unloaded outside the workbench. After the machine completes the machining cycle, the pallet is automatically exchanged, so that the loading and unloading of the workpiece coincides with the machining time.
The vertical machining center refers to the vertical machining center with the spindle in the vertical state. The structure is mostly fixed column, the worktable is rectangular, and there is no indexing rotation function. It is suitable for processing discs, sleeves and plate parts. It generally has three The linear motion coordinate axis and a rotary table rotating along the horizontal axis can be mounted on the table for processing spiral parts. The vertical machining center is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to observe and process, easy to debug, and widely used. However, due to the height of the column and the limitation of the tool changer, it is impossible to process parts that are too high. When machining the cavity or the concave profile, the chips are not easily discharged. In severe cases, the tool will be damaged, the processed surface will be damaged, and the processing will be affected smoothly. .
Vertical machining center purchase guide:
1. Determine the machine tool specifications: According to the determined size and size of the machined workpiece, determine the table size of the required machine tool and the stroke of the three linear coordinate systems. The size of the table should ensure that the workpiece can be smoothly clamped on the workpiece. The machining size must be within each coordinate stroke. In addition, the space of the tool change and the interference of each coordinate interference zone should be considered.
2. Determine the accuracy of the machine tool: According to the processing precision requirements of the workpiece, the user selects the machine tool with the corresponding accuracy grade, and the mass production of the parts, the actual precision value of the machining may be 1.5-2 times of the positioning accuracy. Ordinary machine tools batch processing 8-level precision workpieces, precision machine tool processing accuracy can reach 5-6, but there must be constant temperature and other process conditions, so the precision machine tools are strict and high price.
3. Determine the capacity of the tool magazine: For the vertical machining center manufacturers, the machine tools of the same specification usually have 2 to 3 different capacity magazines. When selecting the magazine capacity, the user should analyze the process according to the workpiece. The result is used to determine the required quantity, which is usually determined by the number of tools required to have one part in one setup.
4. Estimate the number of processing beats and the number of machine tools: According to the selected workpieces, then analyze the process route, select the processes to be processed in the vertical machining center in this process route, and estimate the working hours of these processes.
5. Select machine tool accessories: In the process of selecting the vertical machining center, in addition to selecting the main function of the vertical machining center, an important step is to select the functions and accessories according to their own requirements, which are called selection functions and selection of accessories. In the selection of attachments, it should be noted that in addition to comprehensive analysis, long-term factors should be properly considered.
Generally, the vertical machining center increases the rigidity of the machine tool by reducing the gap of the machine tool, and adopts a preload to make the pre-tightening force of the relevant cooperation and eliminate the influence of the gap. It can also improve the rigidity of the workpiece and the tool to reduce the overhang of the tool and the workpiece to improve the rigidity of the process system. It is also possible to use reasonable clamping methods and processing methods to reduce the cutting force and its changes, reasonably select the tool material, increase the rake angle and lead angle, and perform reasonable heat treatment on the workpiece material to improve the material processing performance. Several methods. The vertical machining center performs some hole machining. The coaxiality of the workpiece is not guaranteed by the spindle spindle rotation precision, but is ensured by the clamp. When the machine spindle and the workpiece are connected by floating, the original error of the machine spindle is no longer affected. Machining accuracy is transferred to the fixture to ensure machining accuracy.
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