Valve CNC lathe machine

Valve CNC lathe machine
Update Time:2019-05-17
Valve CNC lathe machine
Valve CNC lathe machine plays a critical role in valve lathe market, it is specially designed for different kinds of valves, such as ball valve, check valve, gate valve, and gate valve, etc.
  Processing valve lathe has a spindle bore range from 38mm to 89mm, which decides the size of valves. In addition, it has automatic feeder, with which one worker can operate 4-6 valve turning machines at the same time. Thus, it saves either plenty of time or labor cost. Besides, it has high precision bearings to grant the high quality of the valves. What’s more, super audio quenching equipment has a through alarm device to protect workers and valve machining lathe.
Valve machining turning machine occupies very little, it is tiny and exquisite, and convenient to carry. Plus, it is simple to operate and maintain. In conclusion, it is economic and practical lathe for processing valves.
DRC machinery dedicates to manufacture the most progressive and practical valve machining turning lathe for customers, and we offer brilliant service and attractive price for clients. If you have desire for our products, please liaise with us.   
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