The development trend of CNC lathe machine tools?

The development trend of CNC lathe machine tools?
Update Time:2019-06-04
The development trend of CNC lathe machine tools?
At present, with the advancement of technology and the upgrading of the machine tool consumer market, the intelligentization of CNC machine tools is becoming the development consensus of machine tool enterprises. Due to development problems, China's machine tool industry has long been mired in the low-end market of machine tool consumption. How to improve the level of machine tool manufacturing and make more achievements in the high-end market has become an urgent problem for machine tool enterprises and even the machine tool industry. The emergence of the concept of intelligence has undoubtedly given the opportunity for the development of China's machine tools. From the perspective of various intelligent products released by major machine tool manufacturers, intelligent machine tools generally have the following characteristics.

Smart calibration. Different from traditional machine tools, it takes time and effort to adjust the way. Intelligent machine tools rely on sensors, mechatronics and other technologies to realize geometric error detection of machining and automatically determine the error compensation value. It can be found that the appearance of intelligent calibration not only greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, saves labor costs, but also improves the precision of machining, and compensates for the precision error in machine tool machining with precise perception.

IntelliSense. The intelligent perception of machine tools can be divided into two parts: the perception of the environment and the perception of processing. The perception of the environment includes perception of temperature, perception of force, and so on. For example, a machine equipped with IntelliSense will flexibly respond to the heat generated during processing, reducing the effect of temperature on accuracy; it can react when unnecessary human-machine contact is made to avoid accidents. IntelliSense for machining includes perception of the state of the workpiece, perception of the state of the tool, and so on. The specific performance is that in the processing, the size, shape and position of the workpiece can be accurately identified and captured; the condition of the tool can be monitored in real time.
Intelligent forecasting and maintenance. What happens in machine tool processing, what should I do? In the past, these two problems were solved by experienced machine tool masters, and now they can be solved by machine tools with intelligent prediction and maintenance functions. The intelligent prediction of the machine tool can advance the dialysis processing status by pre-reading the program. Intelligent maintenance can be flexibly adjusted through the feedback of the data in the processing, timely reporting or self-optimization. In addition, intelligent machine tools are also characterized by networking, digitization, and personalization.
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