Type of machine tool?

Type of machine tool?
Update Time:2019-07-03
Type of machine tool?
Lathe: The workpiece rotates; the tool does not rotate but does the feed motion. Mainly processing rotary parts, sometimes processing some long keyways.
Planer: The workpiece is fixed on the machine table and used for feed motion; the tool makes reciprocating linear motion. Main processing plane, straight groove parts, swallowtail and so on.
Milling machine: The workpiece is fixed on the machine table and is used for feed motion; the tool rotates. It can be processed in a wide range of rotary bodies, spirals, planes, grooves, gears, etc.
Punch: The worktable is fixed and the slider is reciprocating linear motion. Mainly used to drive the mold, complete the cutting, blanking, stretching, embossing, pressing, bending and other processing of the sheet or wire.

There are many types of machine tools. such as:
General machine tools: lathes, planers, milling machines, punching machines, grinding machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines, drilling machines, boring machines, gear hobbing machines, rotary rivets, bending machines, etc.

Special machine tools: threading machines for threading, upsetting machines; crankshaft grinding for grinding crankshafts.
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