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Modules for CNC machines

Modules for CNC machines
Issue Time:2017-12-07
Standardized modules for CNC machines consist of hardware components, all necessary software functions, and available simulation options. Combining CNC, PLC, and motion control in one controller provides precision increased throughput. The modules provide all important functions for CNC processing machines.
Real-time communication ensures CNC axes and all drive and I/O peripherals are synchronized to the interpolation clock and position-controller cycle with an accuracy in the nanosecond range.

The heart of the CNC package is a 15-in. panel with programmable function and navigation keys. A navigation wheel can also be used to input elements on all pages of the application. Six preset page selection keys provide quick access to the main pages.
A handheld device lets the machine operator move freely around the machine and make entries. Machine processes can be controlled using a handwheel and additional operating elements.