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CCMT2018 DRC machinery Shanghai Exhibition, glorious future!

CCMT2018 DRC machinery Shanghai Exhibition, glorious future!
Issue Time:2018-04-17

The theme of this year's exhibition is: “Focus - Digital • Internet • Intelligence”. This theme accurately and vividly reflects the characteristics of the development of China's machine tool industry and the era of the industrial market, and responds to the latest changes in the domestic and international machine tools market. , Concise the domestic and foreign machine tool industry attention and thinking on the future development direction.

At the exhibition, owner Alice personally led the team. Sophia, the head of the company's English group, and Vera, the Russian team, participated in the event. Nearly 80% of the large number of foreign visitors during the exhibition were invited by Rong Cheng. Rong Cheng Partners never made unpreparedness, fully grasped the background of the customers, accurately grasped the needs of customers, and the quality of the products on site and Rong Chengren. The degree of professionalism has won the recognition and trust of customers, and most of the customers show a strong sense of cooperation.

During the exhibition, Guosheng Group introduced the hot models such as the MX620 five-axis vertical machining center.

In-depth cooperation with the factory's product quality, the management of the norms, the professional production of machinery and equipment, so that Rongcheng more confident to become precision machinery export experts. Thanks to the strong support of the powerful partner factory, Rongcheng people will always be full of passion and will not rush to the international market. DRC machinery  would like to thank the leaders and other partners of Guosheng Zhike for their support, assistance and dedication. , go ahead.

Gratitude, trust and win-win!

As a platform company, Rongcheng must connect with China's best sources, use the most comprehensive technical support, the most complete after-sales service, and the most complete marketing channel to show its capabilities in the field of cross-border e-commerce of machinery and equipment.

The original intention of Rong Cheng was to bring China's high-quality equipment to the world stage and turn China's manufacturing into the world's manufacturing.

DRC machinery  upholds the principle of “One Belt and One Road” to discuss, share, and build together. Rong Cheng takes the slogan “For China's high-quality machinery and equipment export endorsement” as its slogan. The future of Rong Cheng will be waiting for you!

Thanks for the care and support of leaders, customers and friends from all walks of life!

                                            DRC machinery 

Export endorsement for high quality machinery and equipment in China!