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Hello in May! - remember DRC Mission

Hello in May! - remember DRC Mission
Issue Time:2018-05-23

An outing is to change the mood for a leisurely spring fashion. Taking Chongshan as the crown, Yunxia as the scarf, Ebara as the clothing, and the stream as the line, on the nature's stage, the beautiful mood unconsciously follows the fresh rhythm of the heavens and A demeanor, style and style of the fashion model, any of the primary colors of distressed spring life. In a quiet period, looking for long-lasting incitement, the heart's life is continued, and the footsteps of the mind are stepped up to awake in a pool of whisper, and the spring's mind is rendered.

In the opening of Vera, DRC 2018 Tour of Tongniuling Tour was officially started!

We have divided into two teams, DRC eating chicken VS DRC pan team!

Women are born with animals that are beautiful, and tiredness prevents them from using cameras to keep their beautiful moments (happy faces).DRC  JACK and DRC Chen Zong (indifferent face)

While we were enjoying the beauty of nature, we left the footsteps and we climbed to the top of the mountain. The alien UFO at the tip of the hill looked northward at the misty Daheishan, and looked westward overlooking the entire height of the development area. Look out over the boundless sea.

Like snow, it turns and the powdered petals are spread throughout the day. Even though the flowers are falling, the incense is still on the way. Flower, with colored butterflies, dancing to youth.

How can we eat and drink enough to lose our two teams' PK tournament? Everyone is a "good voice" song, and the peasants turn over to landlords, and you come to me to guess that Ugly Orange is stable. The pan team successfully prevented the other party from “taking chicken”. The second in the friendship first game improved the cohesion between the small partners through the competition and also discovered the outstanding personal skills of the small partners.

In our loved ones, we ended up climbing the mountain, a perfect day!

The surprise was that he did not eat chicken at night. After dinner we played werewolf killing game, everyone is a good acting!