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Rejuvenate the industry and make a strong career

Rejuvenate the industry and make a strong career
Issue Time:2018-06-12
Warmly welcome CITIC Construction Group to visit the DRC factory for a visit!
DRC's group of researchers and leaders, accompanied by senior management of DRC, visited DRC's design and R&D center and production and transportation service system. 
They talked about the development trend of export machinery and equipment, and exchanged the strength advantages, differentiating services, and product technology update trends of each region's machinery processing equipment manufacturing plants.

CITIC Construction Group responds to national policies, understands corporate development needs, goes deep into the company's field, and coordinates and solves problems. 
DRC receives relevant comrades from the Business Collaboration Department of CITIC Construction Group to exchange ideas on strengthening cooperation and boosting regional economic development, and put forward their own needs and development. The problems encountered in the process, and communicate and discuss the next direction of development and product content, service understanding.
Large, medium and small ordinary and precision processing equipment, various types of CNC machine tools, gantry machining centers and other products, using the best quality manufacturers to provide parts and components, through a large number of experimental debugging to ensure product quality and accuracy, on-site our products are in short supply!

CITIC Group, a state-owned enterprise with 200 million U.S. dollars worth of projects, we will wait and see!
               The recognition of customers is the driving force behind DRC!
Thanks to the trust of the central enterprises, let the world change its understanding of MADE IN CHINA, let the cooperation of the three parties rest assured and proud of our domestic brand machine! The recognition of customers is the driving force behind DRC!
"Industrial rejuvenation, strong business" We have been working hard!


Export endorsement for high quality machinery and equipment in China!