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Knock on the blackboard! 2018 Rongcheng three big events! ! !

Knock on the blackboard! 2018 Rongcheng three big events! ! !
Issue Time:2018-08-31

Knock on the blackboard! 2018 Rongcheng three big events! ! !

Part 1 New Zealand customer equipment shipment

I am coming over to see you, Oceania, we are here.

Last week, two New Zealand customers’ equipment was officially shipped.

Although the weather is chilly

But it didn’t stop the device from sending out smoothly.


Congratulations on Rong Cheng, successfully entering the new market in New Zealand

Part 2 Russian customer equipment installation and commissioning was successful

On the 30th of last month, Russian Commissioner Vera took three engineers and went to Russia to install and debug equipment

10 days

6 devices

3 engineers

1 Russian commissioner

Customer's full approval

Rongcheng, for the export of high-quality machinery and equipment in China.

Vera represents the customer's visit on behalf of Rongcheng
This visit can be described as a heavy task and a profound meaning.
Customer's old customers' visits, pushing forward new order intentions
Visit new customers and discuss cooperation and agency intentions

Advancement and on-site finalization of new orders

The cold of Siberia does not affect the work enthusiasm of VERA. Every time I say hello, and the communication of voice and words, I can feel her full energy and warm working status! !

"Win together, lose together!"

Let's take this slogan into practice and calmly face the end of the yearENDING, no matter how good or bad!

life is long so add oil! ! You and I are not alone in the fight!

No chicken blood, the goal that is not completed is the best chicken blood;

Did not start, your initial heart at the beginning of the year is still the best start;

There is no heat, and thinking about everything that is becoming what you expect after hard work is the most appropriate warmth.....

Spelled, tired, thought about giving up, but still stick to his original dream.

Every experience is wealth!

Do your best, just be happy to let it go!

Do your best to fight hard, 2018 does not leave regret! work hard together! !