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Russian big customer visit...

Russian big customer visit...
Issue Time:2019-01-23

Russian big customer visit
1. The customer was deeply touched by the enthusiastic reception of DRC Machinery and was deeply impressed by the strength of DRC Machinery. Seeing the whole from a subtle perspective, the level is visible.

2. The customer is full of praise for the DRC Machinery Group brand machine. Also whispered, it is clearly DMG equipment. Of course, DMG's mainframe and outer casing are made by us. The chief engineer of DRC Machinery is also from DMG, so the quality is not to be questioned. But we are us, we are INVEST, not DMG.

3. The customer came to the customer experience center of DRC Machinery, and was shocked by the high and high precision of the scene. The engineers who have been there once, during the visit of the accompanying boss and the sales manager, acted as the translator of our foreign trade director. I introduced the great Guosheng Group to the boss and colleagues. I am proud.

4. The customer demonstrated the processing strength of DRC Machinery. From the 20-year-old roughing workshop to the modern assembly workshop, the customers frequently gave thumbs up. In particular, I saw 200 spot machining centers in stock, and the gantry filled with 90 seats was even more shocking.

5. The customer site has questions about the production and timing of our castings. In addition to the on-site answers, a large number of castings in the special casting ageing area of ​​the factory door have been outcroped, which has fully explained the problem. The picture above shows the customers walking towards the time zone.

6. Looking at the whole scene, we verified our real powers reported by the engineers after the last visit. The personal feelings of the client company and the witnesses of the company also strengthened the confidence of the long-term cooperation between the client company and DRC Machinery.

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