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The latest news of rim repair lathe machine main advantages?

The latest news of rim repair lathe machine main advantages?
Issue Time:2019-01-30
All important parts of the rim repair lathe machine have been reinforced. A wide range of systems (systems with more than 200 programs) and other accessories are selected from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. The structure is reasonable and the operation is convenient, which can create a good working environment for the user. The rim repair machine adopts the modular design concept, and the main features of the rim repair machine:
1. New design: In the design of the rim repairing lathe machine, the rigidity of the components is reasonably matched to ensure the stability during high-speed operation, the machining precision is high, and the long-term precision is maintained.
2. High processing precision: the rim repairing lathe machine has high degree of automation, can carry out multi-point linkage, and can process the hub with complicated shape; it has stable processing quality. When processing different hubs, generally only need to replace the NC program (the system comes with more than 200 Program), can save production preparation time; reduce labor intensity, machine tool processing accuracy is IT8, roughness Ra1.6. Large Turning Diameter - Maximum machining diameter up to 800mm (24").
3. High rigidity: The rim repair lathe machine draws on the advanced experience of similar products and has greatly improved the spindle head. The bearing span of the front and rear bearings has increased by 40% to 50%, and the bearing stiffness has increased by 25%. Make the cutting more comfortable.