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Origin of the year?

Origin of the year?
Issue Time:2019-01-31
According to legend, in ancient China, there was a monster called "Year" with a long tentacles and fierce anomalies. "Year" has lived deep under the sea for many years, and climbed ashore every New Year's Eve, consuming food to kill people. Therefore, on the day of New Year's Eve, people in the villages and villages help the old and flee to the mountains to escape the "year" beast. On New Year's Eve this year, the people in Taohua Village are helping the old and taking the young people to take refuge. From the outside of the village, there is a begging old man who only sees his handcuffs and crutches, arms and pockets, silver whiskers, and eyes. Some folks have closed windows and locked doors, some packed up, some have cattle and sheep, and people everywhere shouted horses, a scene of rushing panic. At this time, who still has the heart to care for the beggar old man. Only the old woman in the village’s head gave the old man some food and advised him to go up the mountain to avoid the "year" beast. The old man smiled and said: "If my mother-in-law let me stay at home for one night, I must take the 'year' beast away. ". The old woman looked at him with amazement, and saw his crane hair and spirit, and his spirit was extraordinary. But she still continues to persuade, begging the old man to laugh and not speak. The mother-in-law was helpless and had to leave her home and go to the mountain to take refuge. In the middle of the night, the "year" beast entered the village. It found that the atmosphere in the village was different from that of previous years: the village’s old-time old woman’s house, the door was covered with red paper, and the house was full of candles. The "year" beast screamed and screamed. "Year" glared at the mother-in-law's house for a moment, then screamed and rushed. When I approached the door, there was a sudden sound of "砰砰啪啪" in the courtyard. "Year" was shuddering and I dare not go forward. It turns out that the "year" is most afraid of red, fire and explosion. At this time, the mother-in-law’s door opened wide, and I saw a man in the hospital wearing a red robe laughing. The "year" was shocked and the wolf escaped. The next day was the first day of the first month. People who came back from the refuge were very surprised to see the village safe and sound. At this time, the old woman realized suddenly and quickly told the villagers about the promise of begging the old man. The villagers embraced the old woman's house together, and saw the red paper on the door of the mother-in-law. A pile of unburned bamboo in the courtyard was still sizzling, and several red candles in the house were still shining... If the mad folks celebrate the auspicious coming, they will change their clothes and wear new hats, and say hello to their relatives and friends. This matter quickly spread in the surrounding villages, and people all know how to drive the "year" beast. ;;;;;; From then on every New Year's Eve, the family posted red couplets and firecrackers; the households were brightly lit and stayed older. In the early morning of the first day of the morning, I would like to say goodbye to my friends. This custom has become more and more widely spread and has become the most traditional traditional festival of Chinese folk.

The origin of the Chinese New Year
This year is the Lunar New Year's Eve. Everyone will celebrate the New Year with joy, but I am afraid that many people do not know the origins of the New Year. I will tell you today!
According to legend, there was a monster named "Year" in ancient times, with a long, sharp head and fierce anomalies. The "year" has been deep in the sea, and on the New Year's Eve, it will climb ashore to swallow the animals and hurt people's lives. Therefore, every New Year's Eve, everyone will help the young and carry the young and flee to the mountains to avoid the "year" damage.
Until one year's New Year's Eve, when everyone fled the village as usual, a white-haired old man stayed. When the "year" was ready to break into the village, suddenly there was a burst of firecrackers, and the "year" was shuddering and never dared to enter the village again. Then the white-haired old man appeared in front of the "Year" in his robes, and the "Year" actually fled.
It turns out that the "year" is most afraid of red, fire and explosion. From then on, every New Year's Eve, every household has a red couplet, firecrackers, and the households are brightly lit, waiting for the age. Finally transformed into the most traditional festival in China: New Year