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Let the world fall in love with China

Let the world fall in love with China
Issue Time:2019-06-04
Let the world fall in love with China
The International Machine Tool Show (METALLOOBRABOTKA) is co-sponsored by the Russian Machine Tool Association and the Expocentre Exhibition Center and is supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Federation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Association. The exhibition was held in 1984 and is held annually. It is the largest and most influential machine tool exhibition in Russia.
Before the show
       In order to further expand the market of Russia and its neighboring countries and strengthen closer ties with the region, on the morning of May 25, under the leadership of the boss Alice, we embarked on a journey to Russia to participate in the 20th Russia International Machine Tool Show. As soon as I arrived in Moscow, I was immediately attracted by this blue sky and pure clouds. The sight in front of you is very good.

lathe machine
      Rongcheng's equipment has been sold to Russia for many times and has been favored by Russian customers. Many Russian customers have established good cooperative relations with us and have had a positive and far-reaching impact. Based on good cooperation with Russian customers, we pay great attention to this exhibition, and cooperate with the in-depth cooperation factory (Guosheng Group) to send the most powerful exhibitors to attack, carrying Guosheng product brochures, brochures and unique China. The wind's small gifts, through a variety of ways to display the company's image and group equipment, actively seek extensive international cooperation, and strive to expand the Russian market, the Guosheng brand will once again carry forward.
cnc lathe machine
       Due to the full invitation of the customers before the show, the old customers are coming, it is awesome. The Russian group Vera became the language of the exhibition. A fluent Russian is enough to conquer customers~ great! admire! awesome!
      One of the largest importers in Russia, with an annual purchase of 5,000 W+. The three-year history of round-trip communication, two booth visits, and one factory inspection, the exhibition site will discuss the future deep cooperation model.
lathe cnc
      Thanks to the support of the group leaders to make the world fall in love with China, the road is long and difficult, but the clear goals, firm beliefs and efforts are no less than anyone's efforts, will be achieved.
      The customer also came to the exhibition with full sincerity, negotiated with the agent and showed strong cooperation intention.
      The customer is very satisfied with our Guosheng equipment, and also highly praises the boss Alice: "beautiful, professional, trustworthy."
lathe machine cnc
      Customers are impressed with our marketing philosophy and the new business model is about to open. We will continue to innovate our business model and strive to build the most professional brand, excellent technology and reliable service, not only for the internationalization of our own brand, but also to make Chinese brands have higher in the world. Word of mouth.
lathe mini
      At the scene, we signed an agency agreement with Ulyanovsk and worked hard to achieve even better results.
bench lathe
After the show
       We are very rewarding at this Russian exhibition. We will continue to "go out" and firmly believe that there will be more surprises ahead!
      The exhibition is over, but we still have celebrations~ This is not, let's go out for dinner together and taste the delicious dinner of the fighting people. It is really mouth-watering. The partners have the opportunity to go to Russia to taste the authentic Russian. Meals, you are sure to be full of praise!
      After dinner, the participating squad will tour the Moscow River in the evening and feel the different exotic style.
    Happy work, live a serious life, this is the PERFECT ENDINH we want!
Rongcheng adheres to the principle of “One Belt, One Road” to discuss, share and build together. Rongcheng takes the slogan “Exportation for China's high-quality machinery and equipment export”. The future of Rongcheng, please wait and see!
Thanks to Guosheng Group, customers, friends from all walks of life for their concern and support!

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