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metal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threads

metal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threads

metal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threads
metal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threadsmetal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threadsmetal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threads
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Swing Over Slide:660mm lathe machine
Center Height:330mm metal bench lathe
Max. Travel of Cross Slide:420mm horizontal lathe
Swing Over Cross Slide:570mm high speed: low cost
Max. Travel of Compound Rest:230mm Ordinary horizontal lathe
Swing in Gap Diameter:1035mm metal lathe
Width of Bed:400mm lathe
Main motor power:7.5kW(10HP) engine lathe
Max. Swing Diameter:400mm high precision metal bench lathe
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manufacturer DRC CQ6280  high precision metal bench lathe light duty lathe machine for making threads

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C series conventional lathes is mature, and this series lathes have the following characters, such as big power, rigidity, spindle speed range, apply force or speed cutting, can be completed on a variety of shaft and disc-type parts of the external cylindrical surface, conical surface , grooving, chamfering, drilling and tapping machining processes, and can processes metric thread, inch thread, modulus thread, thread pitch and taper thread, the knife can cut short cone vehicle longitudinal feed and feed on the turret motor complex exercise can cut the long cone, excellent for large complex parts and can show superiority.
Standard accessories:Three-jaw chucka and adapter, sleeve and center, Oil gun
Special attachment:Four-jaw chuck, face plates, Drawing, Center frame, With the knife holder, Quick change tool holder,foot brake, coolat, Car taper attachment

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The main performance characteristics:
1 Machine tool head box and bed, tailstock, Supporting plate, etc. the combination of surface between manual scraping, machine to undergo a rigorous inspection, effectively ensure the machine tool accuracy and stability.
2 Machine adopts high strength cast iron, copper and chromium special materials are added, the bed width 400mm, bed rail quenching depth up to 4mm, effectively improves the agreeability and stability of the machine.
3 The machine tool bed head box lubrication uses the pump to carry on the circulation forced lubrication, in view of the south hot weather, has guaranteed the bed head box cleanliness and the heat radiation characteristic, has effectively extended the bearing and gear's service life.
4 Wafangdian Bearing is used in machine tool spindle, the spindle through hole diameter 105mm, machine tool gear with precision grinding, can effectively improve the hardness of the gears, to reduce noise of the machine.
5 Machine tool uses the domestic brand lead screw, the silk mother uses the high quality bronze alloy to guarantee the wear-resisting property and the precision maintenance.
6 The machine adopts high strength four station turret shank size: 25x25mm.

1 Cseries ordinary horizontal lathe is used to turning internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, and other rotating surface, turning various metric and inch, modulus and pitch thread, and the pitch diameter of the thread and pull the drilling and oil tank etc., is general very strong horizontal lathe, Widely applicable batch processing of various shaft and disc parts.
2 The series lathe bed width in general lathe, 400mm rail width has higher stiffness, rail surface by intermediate frequency quenching, wear-resistant durable.
3 Handy machine operator concentration, slide plate is provided with a quick moving mechanism. Using single handle operation, humanization.
4 The rigidity of the machine tool structure and the transmission stiffness are higher than the general lathe, the power utilization rate is high, which is suitable for the strong cutting.
5 Before leaving the machine tool factory, the machine tool is tested strictly according to the inspection procedure, and the machine tool is tested to ensure that the machine tool has good stability and reliability.

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1.High rigid structure design

This machine adopts the traditional horizontal lathe layout, the whole design, rigid, meets the safety standard. The main basic parts of bed and head of the bed are all cast in resin sand, the artificial aging treatment and the stability of the whole machine are superior. The bed body adopts HT300 material, the guide rail of the bed surface of the lathe is quenched by high frequency, the guide rail is G50, and the guide track life is improved.

2.High efficiency and multipurpose design

It can complete the external cylindrical surface of shaft and disc type parts, taper and grooving, chamfering, cutting drilling and tapping, and can process the commonly used metric thread, thread pitch modulus (special thread to consult), the knife frame can be cut short for motor vehicles the composite motion cone, vertical turret into the feed can cut a long cone of motor vehicle.

3.High rigidity spindle

The head stock machine control handle with centralized control, easy operation, the spindle system supported by three point, and the bearing of high precision, strong rigidity, brake axis and the positive and negative changes to the hydraulic control, sensitive and reliable braking, can transform a button to stop the speed, the bed head box with forced lubricating oil pressure, the head stock has beautiful appearance, good rigidity, high precision, stable operation, low noise, easy assembly, small deformation characteristics of spindle thermal.

4.Fast crossbar drive

The slide box of the machine is equipped with a fast moving device, which can quickly move to the desired position.

5.The tail seat with motor drive and high stiffness tail socket

The machine tool is equipped with the motor drive device, especially the larger length specification, which reduces the labor intensity and provides the working efficiency.

6.Chip cooling system

In order to ensure the clean of the site, there are dandruff plates in the lower part of the bed to ensure that the chip is removed from the processing zone. The independent cooling system is equipped with large flow cooling pumps to provide mandatory cooling for turning processing. 

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What Is The Specifications Of C series Conventional Lathe?


Swing Over Slide


Swing Over Cross Slide


Swing in Gap Diameter


Length of Gap


Center Height


Distance Between Centers


Width of Bed


Max. Section of Tool

25mm × 25mm 

Max. Travel of Cross Slide


Max. Travel of Compound Rest


Spindle Bore


Spindle Nose


Taper of Spindle Bore


Spindle Speed Number


Range of Spindle Speed


Leadscrew Pitch

 Φ40mm×2T.P.I. or Φ40mm×12mmΦ 

Inch Threads Range

 7/16~80T.P.I. (54 kinds) 

Metric Threads Range

  0.45~120mm (54 kinds) 

Diametrical Pitches Range

  7/8~160DP (42 kinds) 

Module Pitches Range

0.25~60MP (46 kinds) 
Longitudinal Feeds Range in Metric Lead Screw 0.044~1.48mm/rev (25 kinds) 
Longitudinal Feeds Range in Inch Lead Screw   0.00165"~0.05497"/rev (25 kinds) 
Cross Feeds Range in Metric Lead Screw 0.022~0.74mm/rev (25 kinds) 
Cross Feeds Range in Inch Lead Screw 0.00083"~0.02774"/rev (25 kinds) 
Quill travel 235mm 
Quill diameterΦ90mm 
Quill taperMT5 
Main motor power7.5kW(10HP) 
Coolant pump power0.09kW (1/8HP) 

Overall Dimension (L×W×H)


Packing Size (L×W×H)


Net Weight


Gross Weight


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