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vertical machining center for metal

vertical machining center for metal

vertical machining center for metal
vertical machining center for metalvertical machining center for metalvertical machining center for metalvertical machining center for metalvertical machining center for metal
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Voltage:220V milling machine
Dimension(L*W*H):2750/2300/2300 cnc vertical milling machine
Table size:1000 * 500MM cnc vertical machine center
Machine Type:Mini Metal CNC Milling Machine
Application:Metal Machining Center
Weight:5300kg cnc milling machine
FOB portDalian
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update Time2019-05-19
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Cheap High Accuracy Metal CNC Milling Machine VMC850 vertical machining center for metal

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What Is DRC's VMC series Vertical Machining Center?


DRC Machinery CNC Vertical Machining Center product introduction and use
The machining center feed axis is X, Y, Z three coordinate control, the main shaft is servo motor power drive, and the tool magazine capacity is 16 disc type tool magazines. It can realize the clamping of complex parts such as various discs, plates, shells, cams, molds, etc., and complete various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming and tapping. It is suitable for multi-variety, small and medium batches. The production of the product can show its superiority to the processing of complex and high-precision parts.CNC Machine Center    CNC Vertical Machining Center    Vertical Machining Center   cnc 5 axis machining center     machining center cnc     5-axis machining center    cnc machining center     machining center 

What Is The Application Field of VMC series Vertical Machining Center?

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DRC Machinery CNC Vertical Machining Center the main structural characteristics
1. The main base parts such as base, slide seat, work table, column and headstock are made of high-rigidity cast iron structure, and the reinforcing ribs of mesh structure are distributed inside to ensure the high rigidity and bending and shock-absorbing performance of the base parts; The basic parts are made of resin sand and aging treatment to ensure the stability of the machine tool for long-term use, which guarantees the stability of machine tool performance.
2. The X, Y and Z guide rails are all high-rigid rolling linear guides. With automatic forced lubrication, the frictional resistance of the movement is extremely small, there is no low-speed crawling phenomenon, and the precision life of the machine tool is high;
3, Z-direction plus weight balance, with central channel guiding design, to ensure that the spindle box is quickly displaced, no sloshing, to ensure the accuracy of motion;
4. The X, Y and Z directions are fed with high-precision and high-strength ball screws with high pitch, and the feed speed is high; the servo motor uses the elastic coupling to directly connect with the lead screw, and the feed servo motor directly transmits the power. High-precision ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool;
5, using Taiwan's well-known brand high-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity spindle unit, axial and radial bearing capacity, the speed of 8000rpm;
6. The spindle can be equipped with a high-performance temperature control system to take away the heat generated by the spindle to balance the temperature of the spindle unit with the room temperature, greatly reducing the influence of thermal deformation on the spindle rotation accuracy and prolonging the service life of the spindle;
7. The main shaft can adopt the central air blowing structure. After the spindle is loosened, the central high-pressure gas is quickly cleaned to ensure the precision of the tool clamping.
8. X, Y and Z guide rails and lead screws are sealed to ensure the cleaning of the lead screw and guide rail to ensure the transmission and movement accuracy of the machine tool.
9. The outer protection of the machine tool adopts a fully enclosed mechanism design; it is safe and reliable;
10, the machine tool operating system is designed by ergonomics, the operation box is set independently, close to the operator, equipped with a hand-held electronic hand wheel operation box, convenient to the knife;
11. It adopts advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, automatic intermittent lubrication with timing and quantity, and the work is stable and reliable;
12. The well-known CNC control system of the machine tool is complete in function, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
13. The electrical system uses a transformer and control system to separate the design structure, reduce the heat generation, reduce the temperature change of the electrical box, improve the service life of the electrical parts and the reliability of the system control.

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DRC is a group company ,which is professional in products and sales of advanced CNC machine tools . Acting full operation of the six machine tool production company's overseas sales.
DRC is located in Dalian, which is one of the largest seaport cities of China.Our products exported to Russia, Dubai, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, the Philippines, India, Iran, more than 50 countries.
DRC has six factories in China, which covers many kinds of mechanical equipment.
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What Is The Specifications Of VMC series Vertical Machining Center?

X axis travel1000mm800mm600mm
Y axis travel600mm500mm500mm
Z axis travel
Spindle face to table distance140-700mm105-655mm130~630mm
Distance from spindle center to610mm550mm460mm
main column guide surface
X axis rapid movement rate20m/min36 m/min24m/min
Yaxis rapid movement rate
Zaxis rapid movement rate18m/min24m/min10m/min
Cutting feed rate1-5000mm/min1-10000mm/min1-5000mm/min
Workable size550×1100mm1000×500mm800×450mm
Max loading capacity750kg600kg500kg
T Shot5-18-100mm5-18-80mm3×18×125mm
Spindle speed8000rpm
Taper specificationsBT40
Spindle moter11KW7.5KW5.5KW
Size24 ATC tools16 ATC Tools
Machine size  
Weight6700 Kg5300 Kg4000 Kg
Machine size2700/2400/27002750/2300/23002300/2500/2500

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