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Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting MachineMetal Fiber Laser Cutting MachineMetal Fiber Laser Cutting MachineMetal Fiber Laser Cutting MachineMetal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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Processing Width (length × width)6000mm×2000mm
X Y Axis Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m
X, Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm
X, Y Axis Maximum Positioning Speed120m/min
Transfer Fiber Diameter100μm
Cuttable MaterialsStainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Manganese, Nickel And Other Metal Materials
FOB portdalian
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Update Time2019-06-20
Detail Information
Product Description

High Quality CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Stainless/SS Sheet/Carbon Steel/Metal
Factory price cnc laser machine DRC-G6020 Metal laser cutting machine with automatic feeding system

Optical fiber transmission, flexible processing, suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper and all others;Laser, cutting head, reducer, gear, rack and so on.
The key components are imported famous brands;Gantry structure, high stability of the machine, high-strength high-rigidity aluminum alloy beams;
Low operating costs and optical maintenance-free;
simple and intuitive system interface,high speed and high accuracy,high cost performance, easy operation and convenient operation.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine DRC Laser Cutter Laser Cutting Machine For SS Sheet/Carbon Steel/Metal

Applicable materials: Non-contact rapid cutting, hollowing and punching of various metal materials such as carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, alloy steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, pipe, non-ferrous metal.

Laser cutting is the best cutting method in the cutting technology that people have today. Compared with traditional cutting, the advantages of laser cutting are:
1. Small thermal deformation, high cutting precision, low noise, no pollution, easy to achieve independent cutting, high cutting efficiency, and processing cost is reduced by 50% compared with machining.
2. Laser cutting has the advantage that traditional cutting can't replace, it will become the mainstream product in the cutting industry;
3. The machine tool adopts precision CO2 welding, high temperature annealing to remove stress, no deformation imported high precision ball screw / rack and pinion drive, high precision linear guide;
4. It adopts imported servo motor drive, equipped with imported high-rigid precision reducer, machine equipped with automatic lubrication device, and dust removal and smoke exhaust device in the cutting area;
5. The modular structure of the laser has high performance and maintenance-free;
6. Professional cutting software, easy to operate, convenient and flexible, free to design a variety of graphics and text cutting.

Process Details

Cutting head and follower part

1.Using US technology, coaxial blown auxiliary gas cutting to ensure cutting quality;
2.Cutting head with automatic calibration, scale display, easy manual focus, so that users can follow.
3.With high precision capacitive sensing automatic tracking system

Software System

1.According to the different material and thickness of the corresponding set of process database
2.The outline of inspection and graphics processing function optimization
3.The automatic cutting path optimization
4.Experts to perfect process adjustment and flexible and convenient manual process

Fiber Laser

CNC fiber laser cutting machine using  US NLIGHT fiber lasers.

1.Simple process settings

2.Back reflection isolation
3.Industry-leading beam quality
4.>30% of the elector-optical conversion efficiency
5.M2 ≤ 1.3 single-mode and tailored BPP options

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Processing Format
 (Length x Width)
3000mm x 1500mm
6000x 2000
    X Y Positioning Accuracy
X Y Repeat Positioning Accuracy
 X Y Maximum Positioning Speed
  X Y Maximum Acceleration
Equipment Power Demand
380VAC ± 10%/50HZ
U.s. Brand
Laser Type
Fiber Laser
Laser power
Transfer Method
Precision rack double drive
Chuangxin (Shenzhen) IPG Fiber laser source
Mainframe size (approx.)
Total machine weight (about)
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