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five-axis vertical machining center

five-axis vertical machining center

five-axis vertical machining center
five-axis vertical machining centerfive-axis vertical machining centerfive-axis vertical machining centerfive-axis vertical machining centerfive-axis vertical machining center
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Spindle specifications:BT40
Weight:8000 kg
Spindle speed:10-15000 Rpm cnc vertical machining center
Spindle motor1PH8107-1US02-0MA1
FOB portDalian
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update Time2019-08-22
Detail Information
Product Description

Precision five-axis vertical machining center

CNC machining center use

Cnc machine center vertical machining center less grinding machine used cnc vmc machine.
Vertical Machine Center adds five-axis turntables based on the advantages of rigid rigidity, structural symmetry and stability of the traditional vertical CNC milling machine. It introduces the international advanced dynamic rigid design concept and optimizes the design of moving parts. The machine tool has large torque and good fast response characteristics, and is suitable for various mechanical processing fields such as automobile, mold, aerospace, military, and hardware.

Cnc milling machine overall layout

The overall layout of the Vertical Milling Machine is the whole structure, the base is fixed, the boat seat is fixed on the bed; the slide is moved in the X direction on the boat seat; the bull head is moved in the Y direction on the slide; the ram is moved in the Z direction on the bull head; The turntable is fixed on the boat seat, and the workbench is rotated by B and C axes.

cnc vertical milling machining center

Structural features of the CNC Milling Machine
High rigidity and long-term precision retention

1, cnc vertical machining center main large parts: base, boat seat, slide seat, cow head, ram are made of high quality resin Sand molding, high-strength high-quality cast iron, complete heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress, and arrange enough reinforcing ribs to ensure sufficient strength, rigidity and high stability of the machine;
2. The B and C axes adopt the Italian imported turntable. The turntable has high precision, good repeat positioning accuracy, adjustable worm and worm clearance, and convenient maintenance.
3, the three-axis adopts roller linear guide, which has strong rigidity and good dynamic precision;
4. The three-axis transmission adopts Taiwan brand grinding double nut ball screw, which has compact structure, stable movement and high precision. The screw support is supported by a precision screw rod, pre-stretched at both ends, eliminating the loss of precision caused by thermal elongation, and forming a stable high-rigidity mechanical transmission system;
5. The base adopts a large water tray structure for casting, which has good waterproof performance;
6, high rigidity Taiwan brand BT40 spindle, lubricated with grease, can make the spindle bearing Constant and reliable lubrication, both economical and environmentally friendly, and long-term maintenance-free;

High precision, high dynamic response

1. The spindle adopts high-precision angular contact ball bearing, so that the spindle obtains high rigidity and obtains extremely high spindle rotation precision;
2, three-axis roller linear guide, high precision and large load. Low friction, reduce low-speed crawling of the machine tool, good positioning accuracy, and high dynamic response characteristics;
3, high efficiency
The spindle speed can reach 15000rpm, and the three-axis rapid movement can reach 36/36/36m/min;
4, the processing range is large
Compared with the same specification machine, the machine's stroke parameters ensure a wider processing range.
5. Fully enclosed protective cover with pleasant operation and beautiful appearance
The protective cover made by the professional sheet metal factory has an observation window and is pleasant to operate.
 Large Vertical CNC Machining center

Process Details


Through the mechanical design, design of finite element method with the combination of modern design method, and combined with the machine heat source management technology and ergonomics design technology, can to be the high rigidity, high electrical rigidity, high reliability, excellent thermal stability.


Thermal stability of the structure design, the machine heat source management technology and the perfect combination of thermal compensation technology, to further improve the accuracy of machine tool stability


The perfect combination of motor and screw. Maximize electrical power utilization, so that the machine motor power consumption optimization

Energy saving

Increase the machine tool spindle, tool storage, lubrication, chip device, hydraulic station energy saving mode, so the power consumption dropped by 30%. 

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After-Sale Service

1. What is your minimum order quantity and warranty?

 MOQ is one set, and warranty is one year.

2.What CNC system do you use?

FANUC, SIEMENS, MISTSUBISHI, GSK etc. It depends on your choice.

3.When is the delivery time?

We will delivery it within 90 days after received your payments

4. How to handle the warranty period?

During the warranty period, because of product quality problems, the company is responsible for free maintenance, if need to change parts, we be responsible for free replacement.
If the machine problem is not belonging to our machine quality problems, when the buyer needs us send engineers to give repairing service, we charge the appropriate cost.

5.Can your company send the technical personnel to our company and direct our workers for free?

When the machine arrive the buyer's installation site, we timely send mechanical and electrical engineers to install according to the buyer's schedule, the buyer undertakes board and lodging of personnel abroad in the process of installation, and also USD100.00 per day per person. The seller will cooperate with the buyer to deal with visa and installation preparation before going abroad.

Main Parameter
Machine Type
Worktable   mm
Workbench load bearing 
T-slot width 
Tilting axis angle 
Rotary axis angle 
X-axis travel 
Y-axis travel 
Z axis travel 
Spindle end to table distance 
Taper hole type

Pull stud specifications 

P40T-1-MAS403 (45°)
Speed range 
System Configuration 

X-axis motor 

Y-axis motor

Z-axis motor 

B-axis motor 

C-axis motor 

Spindle motor 

X/Y/Z axis rapid movement 
B/C axis maximum rotation speed 
 Mainframe dimensions 
Host weight about  

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