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wheel repair lathe machine

“DRC” wheel repair curve optimization software features
1. The software has two-way curve optimization features of the X and Z direction, can achieve the curve optimization of the wheel face and circumference (rim) surfaces.
2. According to the wheel CAD drawings, modified the curves be generated by collection points of the wheel surface.
modify the curve of measurement acquisition point generating of wheel surface.
3. According to the point of collection from the surface of the wheel, you can automatically generate a curve, you can also manually modify and optimize the curve.
4. The software can display multiple languages, adapt to customers in different countries.
5. The software is self-developed, design can be personalized according to customer requirements.
6. The software requires no special installation, open to use, operation is very simple.
7. The software enables to a self-set for safety distance of advance and retreat knife.
wheel repair lathe machine
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