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Planer & Slotting Machines

DRC Planer & Slotting Machines Features
1: The table of the planer can rotate the left and right angles, and the worktable has a moving structure of lateral and lifting; it is used to plan the inclined plane, thereby expanding the scope of use.
2: The feeding system of the planer adopts a cam mechanism, and it is very convenient to adjust the feed amount to change the amount of the cutter.
3: The planer is equipped with an overload safety mechanism in the movement system. When the operation is inadvertent or affected by external force and the cutting overload, the knife slips on its own, and the non-destructive parts ensure the normal operation of the machine.
4: The ram and the bed rails, as well as the gears with speed and the main sliding guide surface, are lubricated by the oil pumped by the oil pump.
5: The planer is equipped with a brake parking mechanism, so it is not necessary to cut off the power when starting the machine and stopping at the changing speed.
Planer & Slotting Machines
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